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The Green Door

310 Water Street 

OWNER: Dick Barter & Andrea Mercer 

Join a Table of 10


At Green Door they believe when you break bread the experience is enhanced by sharing either the food or the moment. They want you to experience new flavours as well as some old favourites. Their dishes have one message - they are simple but flavoursome. Menu items come from all over the world, where possible ingredients are sourced locally.


The Evening's K4M Menu

First Course

Choice of: Scallop carpaccio (sesame oil, lime, chives) OR Butternut squash soup (balsamic reduction, green onion shavings)


Second Course

Choice of: Vegetarian Steak and Chips - [Indian spiced cauliflower tournedos, miso and sesame roasted parsnip fries, green saag with curry sauce on the side] (v gf) OR Andrea’s Drunken Chicken [Egg washed chicken scallopini fried and served with white wine and lemon reduction] served with Irio [buttery smashed potato with green peas and wilted spinach] (gf)


Third Course

Choice of: Tipsy Gypsy Trifle ORChef Emily's Delight

PLEASE NOTE: Chefs may not be able to accommodate changes to the menu the night of. Please email us ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions:

The Green Door

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