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Our Story

Kitchens 4 Missions (K4M) was sparked by Anthony's Bourdain's loss to his battle with depression. The suicide of this culinary hero drew attention to mental health challenges not just within the hospitality industry, but the world over.


Knowing that 1 in 5 Canadians will be faced with a mental health crisis in any given year, yet stigma and limited access to care means many won't get the help they need, K4M emerged to help meet this need. Through our "food philanthropy" event, we work to raise funds for accessible counselling services and normalize conversations about mental wellness.

How Does It Work?

Kitchens 4 Missions is a food philanthropy event that puts an innovative twist on the standard concept of a large gala dinner. Instead of meeting for dinner in a stuffy ballroom, guests are invited to attend one of many participating restaurants on the same night and at the same time across their city.


At each of their respective locations, diners experience a multi-course dinner with friends, clients, or likeminded people. Meals and drink pairings are artfully crafted by each restaurant's culinary team and donated to the cause, meaning proceeds from ticket sales go towards charity. Tickets also include access to the evening's incredible after party, where diners come together from across the city at one great location to enjoy drinks, dancing, a charity auction and the all-around party of the year! 

Dinner tickets range in price depending on the restaurant of choice, making the event widely accessible to a diverse assortment of "philanthropic foodies". The best part of all? K4M brings everyone together for a memorable culinary experience, one heck of a fun party, and a great cause with all proceeds going towards local mental health services.

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