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The Adelaide Oyster House

334 Water Street
CHEF: Chris Mercer
OWNERS: Greg Roberts
Join a Table of 10

The Adelaide Oyster House carries a large selection of oysters from across Canada and their menu focuses on seafood and fun, vibrant small plates. They have a constantly rotating selection of craft beer and wines and an ever-evolving cocktail list. Some call them loud, but they prefer lively!


Chef Mercer is a fan of powerful flavours, but also of simplicity, and brings Adelaide further into the community with more charity involvement, and participation in culinary events around the province.


The Evening's K4M Menu

  1. Newfoundland seafood Bahn Khoai
  2. Newfoundland scallop with bacon, chili, tomato and fried oyster
  3. Belly beans and clams XO
  4. Coconut Pavlova with roasted pineapple and key lime ice cream


PLEASE NOTE: Chefs may not be able to accommodate changes to the menu the night of. Please email us ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions:

The Adelaide Oyster House

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