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Chinched – past tense; Chinch – Verb \`chinch\ to stow, stuff or pack tightly; to be full.


Chinched is proudly owned and operated by culinary duo Shaun Hussey and Michelle LeBlanc. Togetherwith their dedicated team, Chinched offers a creative dining experience with a focus on hand craftedgourmet food prepared with traditional preservation techniques, sustainable methods and whole animalbutchery all in a casual atmosphere and paired with a thoughtful wine and drink lists.


The hard work of the Chinched team has been recognized over the years. In 2012 Chef Hussey and histeam took home the Gold at the St. John’s Gold Medal Plates Competition and then went on to represent Newfoundland in Kelowna at the Canadian Culinary Championships. In 2013 Chinched was awarded Best Integration and Promotion of Local Agriculture by theNewfoundland and Labrador Department of Forestry and Agriculture. In early 2015, Shaun and Michelle were awarded Entrepreneurs of the Year by the Canadian Culinary Federation of Cooks and Chefs as well as the Restauranteur of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.


PLEASE NOTE: Chefs may not be able to accommodate changes to the menu the night of. Please email us ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions:


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